By: Blonde One

We all love collecting things, don’t we? Whether it’s walking boots, rain coats or maps, us outdoor types enjoy having a nice little collection to choose from and to adorn our shelves. We also like to metaphorically collect things too. We bag Munros, collect Wainwrights, mark our Dartmoor 365s in our books and take photos with various tors or trig pillars.

A very good friend of ours has hooked into this idea and come up with something brilliant! The Dartmoor Scratch Map is a fabulous way of tracking adventures on the moors. It features 56 tors and 15 places of interest that can be scratched off once they’ve been visited.

It is beautifully illustrated and would look great framed and hung on the wall in pride of place to show off your successes! It is an ideal Christmas present for the Dartmoor lover in your life (or to yourself of course).

I am looking forward to using it to create some new adventures and for getting me out to somewhere different. I wonder how long it will take to visit everywhere on the map?