By: Blonde One

Even when the Two Blondes are not together it’s surprising how we often end up doing similar things. This time it involved canoes (it’s a very tenuous link, so bear with me!). As you know Blonde Two was playing with a canoe with the family ‘up north’. I was with Mr Blonde One in Henley. (We wanted somewhere lovely to stay the night before collecting Little Miss Blonde from Heathrow.) We had a lovely time and had a gentle stroll along the quiet banks of the Thames before we realised that it had got quite busy all of a sudden. There was an air of excitement about and small groups of people had gathered with bags full of bitesized flapjack pieces, sweets and fruit drinks. It turned out that they were waiting for the competitors in the annual DW race. This is a 125 mile race that starts in Devises and ends in Westminster and this year had 347 kayaks or open canoes taking part. It reminded me of Dartmoor’s Ten Tors event a little bit as it tests to the max the endurance and stamina of those involved. I also recognised the faces of the supporters as they cheered on their friends and family taking part as they either rowed past or took a pit stop.

It was a great spectacle and I bet the start and finish lines were more thrilling to watch than the minor section that we saw. Well done to all the competitors!