By: Blonde Two

Dartmoor isn’t the only place you can walk in Devon, as well as the bits in between the moor and the sea, we have stunning coastal walking along and around the South West Coast Path. It could be argued that East Devon provides so of the best (and maybe least talked about) of this. East Devon also has a lot of other things going for it, not least the East Devon Walking Festival. Launching today and carrying on until Friday 29th September, the walking festival is a great opportunity to discover as much or as little as you like of this wonderful section of countryside (and with it being autumn, it is also a great opportunity to enjoy East Devon’s pubs after your walk).

It is always possible, of course, to sample the outdoor delights of an area without an organised walk, all you need are a map and a compass to get outside. However, the East Devon Walking Festival offers such a great range of walks that we think it will be a great introduction to or re-exploration of this fantastic area. The festival brochure is available to download, but we have listed a few samples below to whet your appetite:

Monday 25th September

Salcombe Regis Tree Walk (circular 4 miles)

Did you know that Sidmouth has a civic arboretum? Well, we didn’t either so this walk would be a great opportunity to enjoy trees at the point of what must surely be their most exciting time of the year. We don’t think the trees are going to be doing any actual walking!

Thursday 28th September

Jurassic Geology (linear 2 miles)

As well as being beautiful, this stretch of coastline is also old! It is never possible to tire of finding out about geology, especially when you are walking on top of it. Enjoy the views, avoid the dinosaurs, find out more and then catch the bus back!

Sunday 24th September

Learn to read a map (circular 3 miles)

Led by two Blonde women who write a lot about the outdoors and definitely do know how to read a map, this walk will be short and fun and you will definitely learn something before you go home. Map reading skills are not only essential for walking safety, they also give you the ability to turn a walk into an adventure. This one comes with a warning… the Two Blondes are entertaining but unpredictable… find us in the pub afterward if you fancy a chat!