By: Blonde Two

The Two Blondes went dark for most of last week. Thankfully for our reputations, this did not mean that we changed our hair colour, our behaviour or our personalities; but it did mean that we were off-grid, as we were staying at the Exmoor Centre bunkhouse which is tucked peacefully into a valley with no access to cars or any modern phone-computer-type devices (in fact, even access to electricity was somewhat limited).

I can thoroughly recommend the experience. The centre really was in the most beautiful of locations and had been lovingly set up to make sure that the young (and older) people who use it, had the most fun possible.

Autumn Trees Exmoor

There were two dormitories, the best equipped kitchen I have ever seen in a bunkhouse, two loos and even a shower. Outside were picnic tables, a barbecue area, two campfire options, a monkey net (for young monkeys), a rope swing across the stream and enough room for several tents. All of this was alongside the beautiful Hoar Oak Water, surrounded by autumn tinged trees, and could only be accessed on foot and across a set of stepping stones.

Rope Swing Exmoor

To top off the wonderful location, Exmoor rewarded us with some lovely weather, minimal rain and a display of the Northern Lights. Sadly we missed the Northern Lights because we were so incommunicado – oh well, you can’t have everything!

Stepping Stones Exmoor