By: Blonde Two

I have recently set to writing a series of slightly more modern-day ‘Famous Five’ type children’s books. I was an avid Blyton fan as a girl (despite her being banned from our local library) and devoured everything she wrote, expect maybe for the stuff about that silly little man with the odd hat.

I was recently writing a blog title, when it occurred to me that the lives of the Two Blondes are rather like those of my Famous childhood heroes. Sure, we are a bit older, we generally don’t bump into smugglers (but you never know on Dartmoor) and we prefer pints of Jail Ale to lashings of ginger beer. However, we could come up with a few good book titles. How about:

The Two Blondes Need a Rescue
The Two Blondes Camp in a Bog
The Two Blondes Go To Manx Island
The Two Blondes Go On An Expedition
The Two Blondes Get Lost in the Mist (maybe not that one).

I believe we need twenty one to rival my friend Enid. This is going to take some time, (cue interesting fact) as she was reportedly able to write 10,000 words a day!