By: Blonde Two

Recently whilst the Two Blondes were in the Okehampton area waiting for Ten Tors teams, Blonde One announced that she wanted to visit Mole Valley Farmers and buy some equipment that would help us to organise the growing Outdoor Ed tent collection. (By the way, if you should ever meet Outdoor Ed, do feel free to introduce me!)

What Blonde One was actually after was labels. We entered the shop not really sure where we needed to look. I was instantly distracted by the sit-on lawnmowers (I have a thing about tractors), but Blonde One said that I couldn’t have one. We then had a discussion about which section we might labels in. There were many sections to choose from: a clothes section, a plants section, a chicken run section and even a teats section. I thought the ‘cow section’ might do the trick, surely cows like wearing labels? Blonde One however decided that we needed to search for the ‘farm organisation’ section.

Well apparently Devonshire farmers aren’t very organised (either that or they are so organised that Mole Valley Farmers has run out of organisation equipment) because we couldn’t find that particular section. We did, however, find a lovely variety of coloured tape. Our tents are now suitably adorned!