By: Blonde One

It’s not a new topic for us Blondes to be discussing the use of Dartmoor by our army. The army have a camp up at Okehampton that is well used for their training purposes, as well as for the annual Ten Tors event. Sometimes the army will use the moors for live firing and it doesn’t do any harm for us to remind you of that every now and then to help keep us all safe. The times of firing are published so that you can check before heading out for your walk.

If for some reason you head out into one of the three firing ranges without checking first you can easily tell that you might be heading into a slightly sticky situation because you will see some gorgeous red flags flying. I can’t promise that there will be such a beautiful blue backdrop as in these pictures but if there is any view at all, I guarantee that it will be a good one. There will also be red flags flying on tops of some of the tors and red lights shining.