By: Blonde Two

Yesterday morning I swam 500 metres in the sea (by my Blonde maths that’s 20 lengths of a 25 metre pool), ate 1.5 doughnuts (delicious), then scrubbed the bathroom (still not really clean). I am not sure which used up more calories but the combination left me feeling more like sleep than work (it had been a busy week). It occurred to me while I scrubbed that I had, in fact, completed a Friday triathlon. I feel this could actually become a thing! Here are a few Friday-friendly combinations that combine a bit of Get Outside, some practical Friday jobs and a bit of a treat:

1. 500 metre swim
2. 2 staircase hoover
3. 6 biscuit munch

1. 1 hour uphill walk
2. 20 rucksack lifts (you are still at the top of the hill)
3. A downstream river swoosh (with doughnut)

1. 100 metre swim
2. 400 metre jog
3. Oops you’ve arrived at the coffee shop

Mr Blonde Two and I often talk about doing a combined triathlon. He is going to cycle, I am going to swim and… well there is the sticking point, neither us have any desire to run… anywhere!

Upon referring to the Land-of-Internet, I realised that there are many different types of triathlon (none of them appear to include coffee shops or biscuits). for the ‘Standard Triathlon’, the swim, at 1500 metres, is comparatively short and definitely within my capability (although maybe not in February with no wetsuit). I have no doubt at all that Mr B2 can pull off a reasonable 40km cycle (at any time of year) but who on earth wants to run 10km?