By: Blonde One


The Isles of Scilly are so beautiful it’s hard to believe that at various points between the 16th and 20th centuries there was enough of a threat to the islands that they felt the need to build some defence. Understandably the islands hold an important location for defending the mainland.

On a windy and cloudy day this August Mr Blonde One and I went for a walk around the western point of the island of St Mary’s to investigate the Garrison and watch the waves crashing around the shoreline. Needless to say, Mr Blonde One spent a lot more time admiring the canons, batterys, and bunkers than I did. However it was all certainly very interesting. All along the route there are handy signs and information boards telling all that you need to know about the history of that aspect of the Garrison. The wall of the Garrison can still be found nearly all the way round this part of the island and is well looked after and restored. The highest point inside the Garrison is now a suitably named hotel. The Star Castle Hotel looks out over the islands and checks for incoming gulls and tripper boats.

This walk wasn’t the normal kind of Blonde walk but nevertheless was an enjoyable day (apart from being stung by a bee!).  The Garrison generally is to be recommended as a place to visit. It takes just about an hour to walk around and gives some spectacular views of the off islands and the rest of St Mary’s, as well as giving a good insight to the history of this much undervalued and overlooked archipelago.