By: Blonde Two

Apparently generations don’t just occur in families. They occur in the World-of-Outdoors as well. We Blondes saw an excellent example of this during last weekend’s Ten Tors Challenge.

On Saturday morning, just before we and our Ten Tors teams set off up the Okehampton Camp hill to the start, we had a couple of very welcome visitors. J & L were part of our establishment’s outdoor education scene long before we Blondes came along and have now retired. They support us every year by coming up to offer encouragement, and seeing them always gives our spirits a lift.

After our teams had departed on their adventure, we sat with J & L, our Young Leaders, Little-Miss-Blonde and James Blonde drinking coffee. It was very pleasant and equally good to chat about teams past and possibilities for the future. In fact, it was just like sitting round the family table; we had leaders from the past, leaders from the present and leaders of the future. All were equally enthusiastic.

It was a lovely moment that I will tuck into my memory box to treasure!