By: Blonde One

I’ve never used the phrase ‘the gravy train’ before and I even had to check that I’d got the meaning right. It means getting lucky or having an easy time. This was not the case for Mr Blonde One when Little Miss Blonde and I decided to make the dinner this week. You may know that I ‘don’t do cooking’ and I have passed this gene down, too. Luckily Mr Blonde One is an excellent cook! He made a serious mistake this week though when he left us in charge of dinner. We bought a lovely pie from Ullacombe Farm which we managed to successfully cook. We made lump-free mashed potato. We were beginning to get a little smug until we tried to make gravy, where it all went horribly wrong! Normally we use ‘just add water’ granules but we had run out. PANIC!!!!

Here’s a pic of all of the ingredients that we kept adding one by one to try to make it better (check the date on the cornflour!).



And here’s a pic of the finished product!!!!!


It tasted as bad as it looked. Poor Mr Blonde One realised that night that for his own sake he would be Head Chef forevermore.