By: Blonde Two

This VERY SERIOUS Duke of Edinburgh’s Award experiment was carried out on Exmoor in July 2019. Its aim was to investigate ways to maximise the comfort and communication levels of tired DofE staff after long days of supervision and long nights of not-quite-enough sleep. We took a set of camp chairs and arranged them in a series of SCIENTIFICALLY  CALCULATED positions. We then observed the effect of said chairs on group behaviour (but mostly had a great time naming them).

I can’t lay claim to most of the chair designs or the names (which are still making me smile weeks later) but, as always, it was great to work with a team of people who knew (as well as when to be serious) when a bit of fun was required.

Breakfast Bus – great for observation, not so great for conversation, didn’t really go anywhere


Arc of Judgement – nobody wanted to sit in the hot seat


Kitchen Table – sociable, predictable, a bit boring really


Constant Vigilance – fantastic for team observation, very poor for visual communication cues


Determined Delta – gave the adult team a real sense of direction, for about five minutes


Diverse Delta – good for communication and cooperation, no sense of direction whatsoever


Love Seat – nobody actually wanted to sit in the love seat


Lone Warrior – either a superiority or inferiority complex was experienced (personality dependent)


Last Man Standing – or woman standing of course! A chair arrangement for action!