By: Blonde One

What are the ingredients for a good cycle ride?

Mr Blonde One and I have been enjoying several bike rides lately. Lockdown #3 has given us a good reason to get outside and explore a little bit further afield. Our immediate vicinity was well and truly explored during lockdown #1, so this time we’ve taken to our bikes to discover some great things only a few miles from home.

Here is a list of the things that I think make a really good day out on the bike:

  1. Good weather. Not too hot, not too cold, and certainly no rain.
  2. Well maintained bikes. Luckily Mr Blonde One is good at this!
  3. A well marked trail to follow. We were on Route 28 of the National Cycle Network.
  4. A well placed bench on which to sit and have lunch.
  5. A well placed tree next to the bench to lean the bikes against.
  6. A strategically placed coffee stop.
  7. Said coffee stop producing the best carrot cake ever!
  8. Things of interest along the way. We found a water mill that we didn’t know was there, amongst other things.
  9. A river to follow: thus keeping the trail flat enough not to be arduous.
  10. A route of not much more than 20km so that the legs don’t seize up completely afterwards. We managed 19km in approximately 2 hours and were very pleased with our efforts.


Find new cycle routes

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