By: Blonde Two
Almost eveybody I know has a favourite piece of outdoor kit. It could be a pair of boots, a hat, a tent or even your favourite (and very dog-eared) map. When I heard about the Cotswold Outdoor Kit Museum idea (#TheKitMuseum) I was impressed with it. All you have to do to take part is share a photo of your favourite kit, tell them about it on social media along with the hashtag #TheKitMuseum (sorry if you don’t use social media, you can tell us but you won’t win a prize). If your kit story is chosen as the best one, you will win a brand new piece of outdoor gear from Cotswold Outdoor’s autumn/winter range. Kind of a new kit for old competition but don’t tell your old kit in case it refuses to pose for a picture.

I have a few favourite pieces of kit, most of which have been on several adventures with me, but I only really have one piece of outdoor gear that has a personality, a mind of its own and… feelings! It is Big Orange of course. Big Orange is my sleeping bag and he has been my trusty companion on camps, bivvies, bothy trips, hammocking trips, truck camps and in bunkhouses every since he and I were first introduced in March 2013. Our first meeting was a blind date on Dartmoor but we hit it off immediately and his manly warmth made me ditch the synthetic chap (I mean bag) that I had been previously dating (I mean packing). I can’t imagine that I will ever get rid of him, even if I get sent the most expensive 10-season unicorn-down bag to review (I must remember to tell you about the 10 seasons and unicorn down), Big Orange will have to come with me to camp.
Big Orange is the only sleeping bag I know with a nickname (Big). I talk to him often, sometimes even through my rucksack, and I always make sure I thank him if he has remembered to keep me warm at night (he sometimes forgets). I struggle to lend Big to anyone, but he has kept Mr B2 cosy once or twice. Big Orange and I have some great shared memories, here are a few of them:
So if you fancy celebrating your favourite piece of kit, you can either get busy on your social media feeds with Cotswold Outdoor and their #TheKitMuseum campaign or you can tell us about it.