By: Blonde One

I have recently hosted a very lovely evening to celebrate the achievement of my first 4 Gold DofE participants finishing their Award. It was an amazing night spent with 4 amazing teenagers, their families and a select group of staff who helped them along the way. It was filled with applause, admiration and awe. We heard tales about clowns, swings and Lovehearts, to name a few, and were full of praise for a 4 day expedition on the Isle of Man covering 97km and a mountain.

The evening was a timely reminder to all that were there of why we put ourselves out for others: young or old. One guest suggested that we should stop worrying about the ‘bureaucratic palaver’; I agree wholeheartedly.

For at least 8 months the group have wondered if each team event would be their last as a team. Each event has been poignant and slightly nostalgic as we wondered if we were at the end of the DofE journey. The group have shown the most compassion, determination and teamwork that I have ever seen in a group of youngsters and I can’t help but feel sad that I won’t be working with them any more.

We think this recent event was the penultimate. It is probably the last time they will do something together at school, but they have their visit to St James’ Palace to look forward to. I sincerely hope that I will be lucky enough to witness all 4 at the palace receiving the recognition that they so rightly deserve, but if not, then this ‘last event’ was a perfect end to a perfect journey.

If you’re reading this team: thank you for being amazing.