By: Blonde One

On the Two Blondes last trip out for night nav practice I had the unenviable task of driving home across a particularly dangerous part of the moors! Surely not, I hear you say, but yes, there is actually a well-known spot on Dartmoor that has proven many times to be life threatening to many an innocent driver! When planning our night nav route I failed to take into account the fact that I would have to drive home, in the dark, across the piece of road frequented by ‘the hairy hands’. I realised just as we arrived back at the car but didn’t mention it to Blonde Two as I thought that I might be able to pretend that I hadn’t thought of it, if it wasn’t talked about. The Hairy Hands legend spans many decades and has been responsible for many accidents near to Cherry Brook Bridge between Postbridge and Two Bridges. Apparently drivers will be happily driving along this open stretch of road when suddenly two hairy hands will grab the steering wheel and pull the car to its doom into the ditch in the road. Shocking isn’t it?! No wonder I was nervous, you might be thinking. In the past there have been deaths and near deaths caused by this demonic happening. I was nervous, to say the least! The journey started well, the road was clear and there was no sign of anything untoward. Just at the point that we were approaching the dangerous bend in the road, I gripped the steering wheel tightly, made sure that all the windows were closed and said a little silent prayer. Phew! To my relief we made it. It turns out that Blonde Two was having the same thoughts, as she mentioned the legend only when we were clear of the Cherry Brook Bridge! Another example of ‘great minds think alike’. So if you are driving late at night, along this stretch of road, make sure you are very careful to avoid the ‘hairy hands’.