By: Blonde One

If Blonde Two and I had drawn straws for which part we would play in Wednesday nights Search and Rescue scenario, I definitely would have drawn the long straw. When presented with the two possible choices I knew that I wouldn’t have the energy for the nyctophobia role. It required lots of screaming and near hyperventilation. After the last few weeks I’ve been having I knew that I would run out of steam far too soon. So I opted for the much more sedate role of a heart attack victim. I was required to sit down,  moan quietly and wait patiently for a stretcher ride back to the vehicles. Perfect! I could manage that. I performed my role well, I think (although I was nowhere near as good as Blonde Two) and after a few moments of performance I was quickly diagnosed and reassured by a very calm and competent rescuer. He wrapped me up in a lovely warm coat when I began to shiver and looked after me, in and out of role. Although I have had a stretcher ride before and can honestly say that it wasn’t the best experience of my life, I was quite looking forward to witnessing how the team would get me over the stiles and gates, and get me through the narrow wooded paths.

However, it was not to be. I had to walk back! Time was running short and I was told that my heart attack had turned into indigestion or wind!

Unfortunately not every heart attack case ends so well and the team often have a seemingly impossible task of safely evacuating a victim. Please give generously to ensure they can continue their invaluable work.