By: Blonde Two

I was in a state of confusion this year when all around me were announcing the longest day on Monday 20th June. In household B2, the longest day has always been June 21st, partly because of the summer solstice and some very clever space-work, but also because any day that contains two of your offspring’s birthdays was always going to feel quite long. Six-Foot-Blonde and Not-At-All-Blonde were 25 and 23 respectively this year, I was sad that I wasn’t with them but nonetheless, yesterday was a very long day.

I was in Cornwall with a group of fabulous 6th form students. We were staying at the beautiful National Trust bunkhouse at Pentire Farm (sea views plus some glorious coast path walking). The first part of the day consisted of a bike ride from Padstow to Bodmin, along the Camel Trail. The Camel trail is a simply stunning route, with plentiful views, points of interest and watering holes along the way. Usually you can take it (cycling or walking) at any pace you want, but I spent the day trying to keep up with the youngsters (nothing new there).

They were very lovely and cheered every time I caught up with them (this only happened when they waited). We cycled 24 miles in all, and (probably because the last time I cycled was on the same trip last year), by the end of it, there were parts of me hurting that really shouldn’t have been. Having said that, I would go back again tomorrow (maybe with a cushion) because the Camel Estuary is so beautiful.

Camel Estuary

You think that this would be enough for a longest day, but no! Once back at the bunkhouse, we packed up the gear for a barbecue and walked down to Porthcothan Beach. Sadly for me, the tide was on the up, and I couldn’t visit the sand pools of my childhood while I was there; but we had a most relaxing time munching burgers and watching the few surfers as the tide crept up on us.

On the way home we found a plethora of rock stacks and arches along the coast path; a completely different coastline to ours in South Devon. Once back at base, we were also treated to the most spectacular sunset.

Sunset Pentire

My longest (and possibly achiest) day ended with games of cards, after which I have no idea what the girls were up to in their dormitory next door; because I was asleep as soon as my Blonde head touched the pillow!