By: Blonde Two

For a long time now, we Blondes have been searching for the Meaning-of-Blonde-Life.  We are usually very good at ‘finding’ and know that it is somewhere on Dartmoor, but so far,TMoBL appears to have evaded us.

Until now …

I think I have got it sorted out and it has something to do with the second law of thermodynamics (two obviously being a very important number in the World-of-Blonde).

If you put the world into a box and gave it to us Blondes, we would soon have it neatly organised and stacked in one corner of the correctly labelled box.  It would have a risk assessment, a shopping list and a pencil case.  In other words, it would have low entropy.

The problem with the world (and the second law of thermodynamics) is that entropy (i.e. disorganisation) prefers to increase, thus allowing the world to escape from the box.  In other words, the world wants storms, mud and naughty Yellow Jelly Babies.

This must surely be where the MoBL comes in?  Our mission is to return the world to its correct low-entropy state.  Now scientists would tell you that this is impossible, that the world was at the most ever organised it was going to be at the moment of the Big (Blonde) Bang.  We have no idea whether or not they are right.

However, no matter how impossible the mission, the Two Blondes will always choose to accept it.  We will develop Blonde systems and then redevelop them.  We will make Blonde plans and then rewrite them (n times).  If something seems odd, we will invent a new word for it.

We Blondes will look the second law of thermodynamics straight in the face and say ‘Jelly Babies’ to it.

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