By: Blonde One

During my February visit to Scotland I had the pleasure of visiting Glenmore Lodge. This is a place that the outdoorsy type will dream of visiting. In our heads it is full of all sorts of fabulous kit, from boots to bouldering mats, from ropes to rucksacks. It must surely have been visited by all the great outdoorsy people. I am convinced that Scott of the Antarctic must have trained there!! I am sure that it has the best bunkbeds in the whole of the world, with the warmest and cosiest duvets imaginable. The food served is the kind that your mum would make on a cold and wet winters day: stews and soups galore. The options for activities should be endless: at Glenmore Lodge you can snowshoe, mountain bike, trek, climb, walk, run. All these activities can be done to varying levels of intensity and expertise. The instructors will have every qualification under the sun. They will have summited numerous scary mountains, run the circumference of the world (twice) and be able to cycle from John O’Groats to Lands End (the long way round).

I was not disappointed! The well maintained centre was packed full of all sorts of fascinating people and possibilities. The food was fab, the staff were superb, the kit was inKredible (well, the alliteration nearly worked).

My visit was all too brief though, (I’ll tell you about it another time) so I did the next best thing and picked up some of the leaflets advertising their activities. This was a bad move! I now want to move closer to Aviemore so that I can do the ski touring, mountain leader training and climbing for beginners.

Of course I will need a companion when I do go! #FriendsWhoSayYes