By: Blonde Two

The moon’s up and the sun’s down,
And a thousand starry eyes have caught me crying.”

You will probably be much more impressed with the above quote if I told you that it was written by WB Yeates or mused upon by Kahlil Gibran, than if I admit that it is a line from my teenage self’s favourite Kids From Fame song.

I have always loved the moon; it more romantic and unpredictable, I think, than the stars.  Tomorrow, it is set to prove once again, that it can even master the sun.  Maybe my fascination comes partly from it seeming so close, but being so ‘out in space’.  Walking in the moonlight is a must at least a few times a year.  I am convinced that the moon’s waxing and waning has as much of an impact on us people as on our planet. Men, I have decided, are particularly susceptible to a full moon; in my experience, full moon = full mood!

Today is hopefully going to be a good Moonday. Blonde One is at work (which is a big shame for me and her) but Not-At-All-Blonde and I are going eclipse-hunting on Dartmoor (of course). Hopefully, finding eclipses will be easier than finding eclipse glasses is proving to be. One thing is for sure, I know exactly where to find brunch afterwards!!