By: Blonde Two

Today after 2 days of Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award expedition work (and obviously fun) we Blondes are very happy to have received a most gracious (and very English invitation). We have been invited to the Holne Community Shop and Tearoom for afternoon tea and we are very much looking forward to it!

Holne is one of the most delightful villages on Dartmoor and appreciated by many walkers of the Two Moors Way for its opportunity for refreshment along their weary way. Blonde One has particularly fond childhood memories of visits to friends in Holne. Walkers of the Two Moors way  would be wise to stop at Holne for many reasons, not least because they will (if they are lucky) have recently or be about to successfully negotiate an open moorland section that requires a bit of nouse and some map and compass skills.

The Holne Shop and Tearoom are a community run venture. The Holne commercial shop closed 6 years ago and, not content to be a village without a hub, the locals set to creating one of the best-stocked shops on Dartmoor, selling local produce and… as we are about to find out… the very best in cream teas and cakes. As visitors to Holne from all over the world have discovered, Holne Shop and Tearooms also serve breakfast (all day of course), soup, pies and sandwiches. The shop is almost entirely staffed by volunteers and they are open every day except Christmas and New Year’s day.

As you know we Blondes particular value the volunteering ethic, we have spent a fair amount of our own time and encouraged numerous youngsters to do it. Volunteering is good for the soul, good for the community and, as I suspect we are just about to find out, good for the stomach!

Watch this space we will let you know how we get on.