By: Blonde Two

NiLit Heat 1000 Mile Sock

Last weekend Blonde One and I had a very Blonde day out. We had expected the windy walk on Dartmoor, the coffee and snack at a tor, the chatter about our weeks and the subsequent cheesy chips at Dartmoor’s best cafe, Foxtor Cafe. What we maybe hadn’t expected (because some things just can’t be planned) was the utter Blondeness of our behaviour. Here’s how the day (and our new Nilit 1000 Mile Heat Walk walking socks) went.

  1. B2 suggests a walk to Great Staple Tor because she wants to add an image to the recently updated Dartmoor walks page.
  2. B2 also suggests that both Blondes pack their new 1000 Mile socks into their rucksacks so that sock photography can take place (if you ever need advice on this, we are fast becoming experts!)
  3. After a lovely, brisk walk, both Blondes arrive at Great Staple Tor and have fun taking photos.
  4. B2 suggests to B1 that both Blondes remove their boots, gaiters and current socks, thus exposing their feet to a biting wind, in order to don and take pictures of their new socks.
  5. B1 makes a few comments about cold feet but agrees to do so.
  6. B1 gets her new socks out of her rucksack and starts to remove her footwear.
  7. B2 rummages around in her rucksack and realises that her new socks have been left on the bed at home.
  8. Lots of laughter ensues as both Blondes realise that B2’s feet are going to remain warm whilst B1’s are exposed. B1 is a very good friend and is not cross with B2 about her silly sock photography idea and forgetfulness.
  9. B1 likes her new socks despite the fact that B2 asks her to stand around on very cold rocks in them.
  10. When she gets home B2 realises that she needed photos of Great Mis Tor instead of Great Staple Tor!

Blonde One will be amused to hear that her socks, which she kept on because they were so comfortable and warm even after several minutes standing on rocks, were actually made from the Nilit Heat yarn, which is made out of merino wool and… wait for it… coffee!

No wonder she liked them!

From time to time we Blondes are sent free outdoor products to field test and promote on social media. We will always be honest about our findings and any products we don’t keep for ourselves find their way into our expedition stores. Great for us, great for you and great for our youngsters!

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