By: Blonde Two

If you are feeling a bit Sherlock and know a little bit about Dartmoor, you will have figured out by now who Ignatius Bowerman is. If, also, you are in an experimental literary mood, you may also be able to tell me what you think a ‘non-story’ is.

However, it is likely that after a sunny bank holiday you are feeling a bit more Watson than Holmes, and a bit more Eastenders than Baskervilles.

Which is a shame because I am not going to enlighten you any more about the meaning of the title above, except to say that it is the title of my first solo children’s publication.

You want me to tell you more don’t you. Well I want to tell you, but secrets are so much fun. How about a little quote from the book instead?

“Creeping out of the house was easy; it was the first time I’d done it, but it was still easy. Outside was cold and a bit misty. As well as being cold and a bit misty, everything looked greyer than normal, because it was twilight, just after dawn (5.50am) and just before sunrise (6.32am).

(Dawn and sunrise are not the same thing. Dawn is when the sky starts to get light, and sunrise is when you first see the sun on the horizon. The correct name for the time between dawn and sunrise is twilight).

My name is Thomas, I’m eleven years, six months and fourteen days old and I’m extra-ordinary.”