By: Blonde Two

Before I start I would like to freely admit that this was not my idea, but it is a very good one.

I spent last weekend at the lovely Spirit of Adventure bunkhouse at Powder Mills on Dartmoor (near Postbridge). I had a very important purpose to my visit, I was there to renew my Outdoor First Aid certification (anybody who wants to hold a national governing body outdoor leader qualification has to have outdoor first aid training every three years). Our course provider was FirstAid4Life and I would recommend their services to anyone (more about them in a later post). I was in impressive company and there was a lot of idea and knowledge sharing going on.

The ‘Ouch Pouch’ may well be something you have already implemented, especially if you work with children. The idea is that in order to keep your more serious first aid kit clean and dry, you also carry a much smaller kit that contains a pair of gloves, wipes and assorted plasters. This kit can be kept in a coat or accessible rucksack pocket where it can be easily found when needed. For Dartmoor walking I might be tempted to keep some blister plasters in my ‘Ouch Pouch’ as well (we Blondes have seen some pretty mangled feet in our time).

My first aid kit is well overdue an overhaul and a date check. When I do this I am going to have such fun creating an ‘Ouch Pouch’ to go with it (cue Mr Bump plasters!)

PS I wrote this post before I realised that the ‘Ouch Pouch’ already exists and is, in fact, a strange spongy-looking cup for bunions. Not sure our teenagers would appreciate those at all… on the other hand, maybe for the blisters!