By: Blonde One

Blonde Two and I have always wanted a map room. We would fill it will all our maps obviously and it would be wallpapered with old maps from our favourite places. There would be a huge table in the middle to spread out the current map for expedition planning. Sounds perfect. The closest I’ve got is a giant Dartmoor map on my classroom wall.

A visit to the Vatican City revealed that the Pope has gone one better with his map room though. His room consists of 40 painted maps that are huge and absolutely gorgeous. They were painted in 1580 by Ignazio Danti and are all images of Italy. The colours are blues, greens and turquoise and they are stunning! No wonder it took him 3 years to complete the gallery. I walked the length of the gallery gradually turning greener and greener with envy! I wonder if he had a secret door leading to a room full of his other outdoor kit!

I would have loved to compliment the Pope himself but he was busy (probably planning an adventure across Italy using one of his maps).