By: Blonde One

As I was driving home last night I witnessed a fantastic sight of aerial acrobatics, winged pyrotechnics, or whatever metaphor you care to mention! I saw a flock of starlings doing their thing and it was amazing. As I say, I was driving, so watching them for longer bursts than a second or two was difficult. The speed of the traffic definitely slowed as I assume we were all trying to watch this incredible sight. I’ve since learned that this spectacle is called a murmuration which doesn’t seem to fit quite right with what you see. There was nothing murmur-ish about their actions. They were far more of a song, a cheer or an applause. Have a look at an amazing clip to see what I mean. How many metaphors can you spot?! Sometimes metaphors are good and add to the description of something beautiful to make it seem even more stunning but I think on this occasion, and with many other natural occurances, no metaphor is necessary. The beauty is there for all to see and words are simply not necessary!