By: Blonde One

The Two Blondes are creatures of habit and there is nothing we like more than a good routine. We have many routines (most of them too boring to mention). We have a routine for getting to the moors, a routine for who does what when out with kids, a routine for our arrival at Fox Tor Cafe, a routine for our daily jobs and we even have a routine for which side of my boot to put our kit when loading the car for a Dartmoor outing! It’s a very odd routine, we decided this week, as Blonde Two’s side of the boot is the opposite to the passenger side where she sits in my car. I love these routines almost as much as a good list but for the next two weeks I am happy to say there is no routine! It is with much excitement that I wait to discover which of our days off will be Dartmoor days. It could be one day, two days or even more if Mr Blonde One can be persuaded to come out with me.

The anticipation is almost as good as the day itself!