By: Blonde One


What so all of these photos have in common? I am happy … yes. I am in comfy clothes … yes. I’m doing something fun … yes. The thing I want to blog about though is my trousers. These trousers are my favourite walking trousers. They have been on almost every single adventure with me since I bought them many, many years ago. They are comfortable, practical and fit perfectly. When I bought them I didn’t even realise that I needed some new trousers. I walked into a Trespass store to check out the bargains in their sale and found myself trying on some new trousers. I knew that I already had enough at home but I couldn’t resist. You know how it is?! These trousers turned out to be the best thing to join my, already quite full, wardrobe of outdoor gear. The side pocket looks after my phone perfectly and the two top pockets are deep enough to hold compasses, Jelly Babies, tissues, hair elastics and any other essential piece of kit! As you have previously heard from us, getting trousers to fit is not always easy, so well done Trespass for knowing exactly how to make trousers to suit me!