By: Blonde Two

Happy February!

Did you know that the River Dart is, in fact, two rivers?

I like to think of them as being in competition with each other. The West Dart and the East Dart (call me Blonde but it took me a while to work out which was which) meet just below the road bridge at Dartmeet and then bounce down through the mysterious Dart Gorge together. I say mysterious because I have never been there. Something exciting happens between Dartmeet and Newbridge. Something that you can hear from Dr Blackall’s Drive which winds round above and something that kayakers emerge from looking quite dishevelled and exciting.

I have, however, explored the East and West Darts (although neither of them up to their heads yet). The West rises at 550 metres above sea level and the East at 540 metres. The distance between the two heads is only about 2 miles. Both are wonderful and wild as they reach Dartmeet. I often find myself wondering if the sound I can hear from the gorge is of them arguing!