By: Blonde Two

If there was a Royal Institution of Blondes, I am sure that Blonde One and I would be in it. In fact, we would probably be Presidents or Admirals or Special Envoys.

As there isn’t, I think the Royal Institute of Navigation must be the next best alternative. Up until a few days ago, I didn’t even know that this splendid organisation existed. I wish I had because their website makes for very, very interesting reading.

“There you go again,” I hear you mutter, “putting on your ‘Navigation Nerd’ hat.” It is true, I am. I am interested in finding out that the US Navy have recently reintroduced astro-navigation into their main syllabus, that there are actually studies that show that our navigation ability is being eroded by our use of technology and that increased GNSS accuracy has resulted in a huge increase of aircraft noise for some homes near to airports.

Anybody who suggests that, as Past-President Roger McKInlay does, “Schools should teach navigation and map reading as life skills.” has got a firm fan in this Blonde. And if all of that doesn’t appeal, the Royal Institute of Navigation have the most mesmerising of graphics on their home page. Have a look for yourself!