By: Blonde Two

If you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping yet, well done, nobody likes people who are too organised! We Blondes definitely haven’t and, as we are no strangers to outdoors Christmas presents, we thought we would give you a few ideas. As you know, our rucksacks are notoriously heavy and our penchant for packing so much emergency this and useful that has led to a couple of sad cases of rucksack over-bulge. To combat (or maybe enhance) this burgeoning situation, we thought that we would write a rucksack A-Z list. If you are stuck for outdoor present ideas it might also prove to be a useful Christmas shopping list:

A – App (never be without at least 3 outdoor apps)
B – Boots (I often forget and have to borrow B1’s)
C – Coats (at least 3 for you and 2 for other people)
D – Dressings (for the first aid kit)
E – Emergency torch (carry a spare, just do it)
F – Fairy lights (for emergency Christmas Tree usage)
G – Gloves (waterproof if possible)
H – Headlamp (for navigation and bootlace tying)
I – Ink (preferably in a pen, for emergency notes)
J – Jumper (well lots of them really)
K – Kendal Mint Cake (tastes vaguely like  but does the job)
L – Laces (spare ones for your boots)
M – Map (a waterproof one or take a map case)
N – Noggin warmer (aka wooly hat)
O – Optical devices (either glasses or contact lenses)
P – Pasty (watch out for pasty dandruff)
Q – Quaffable, heated liquid (in a flask)
R – Rucksack liner (aka rubble sack)
S – Spare socks (extra points for alliteration)
T – Ties (cable ties, bound to come in useful one day)
U – Umbrella (only joking although we did once)
V – Visibility jacket (to make you appear bright)
W – Walking pole (for walking, wading and whacking)
X – Marks the spot (take waterproof paper)
Y – Yodel (just in case you forget your whistle)
Z –

You might notice that I have left ‘Z’ blank. It isn’t that I can’t think of anything in my rucksack that begins with ‘Z’, there’s loads of stuff. Rather, I thought that you would all like a challenge… answers in the comments please!