By: Blonde Two

Whilst we were on our jean-clad Blunder (Wander) on Saturday, we Blondes discovered some very strange black boxes in the hedgerow. Being Blonde, we were quite interested in what the boxes were for (ideas included vermin, nesting, Jelly Baby storage etc); but we were much more interested in working out the numbering system.

Here is number twenty seven …

Black Box 27

… which was not next to either twenty eight or twenty six. We decided then that strange box numbers must work a bit like house numbers and be even on one side and odd on the other; so we crossed the lane to find out. This theory was not correct as the box opposite was number three; here it is.

Black Box 3

If anyone can help us out with our investigation into, a) What the boxes are for, and b) How the numbers work; we really would be most grateful.