By: Blonde Two

Yesterday morning, as daily life was starting, as the work day hustle was gearing up and as people were wishing there was less darkness to the winter, I was pondering my new involvement with the Secret World of Wild Swimming.

All around Britain, before the sun rises, there are people tip-toeing up river banks, huddling under sea walls and eyeing up hidden pools. They are not wrapping up against the cold, sipping hot drinks in warm cafes or adjusting the thermostat; instead these secretive adventurers are slipping out of their clothes and into icy cold water. From their viewpoints of chilly flotation they are watching the worker ants rush whilst they bob under awakening skies.


Their secret is hard to detect as they amble off to join the bustle, secure in the knowledge that their daily adventure is already complete. But there are giveaways: look for the people who can’t feel the sand between their frozen toes, search for those with dripping hair completely concealed by colourful hats and follow the trails of seaweed.

There is one other enormous give-away: those who inhabit this Secret Wild Swimming World will have grins on their faces!