By: Blonde Two

Blonde One and I recently had a marvellous couple of days exploring some of the West Cornwall section of the South West Coast Path. We were staying with John and Helen from Lamorna House Walking Holidays, who offer, not only a beautiful and relaxing bed and breakfast but also South West Coast Path route advice and lifts to the start and from the end of walks. If you have ever struggled with the logistics of a linear walk, take note and struggle no more. For West Cornwall at least, John and Helen have this all sorted for you.

All of which was perhaps just as well because when Blonde One and I set out from Cape Cornwall bound for Porth Curno and the Minack Theatre we were late starting. At least that was our excuse but, in truth, we were enjoying the stunning scenery, the choughs (more about them later) and the varied terrain of the South West Coast Path so much that, by the time we got to Sennen (where it was warm enough for people, but not us, to wear bikinis) we were ready for a sit down lunch (cafe recommended by John and Helen) and a re-planning of our route. (We were also ready for the gin and tonic we spotted on someone else’s table but didn’t indulge).

Whilst lunch was arriving we poured over the map (leant to us by John and Helen) and worked out a ‘shortcut’ that took us inland, off the South West Coast Path, but still to Porth Curno. This was perhaps where we went wrong, Helen had planned us a beautiful South West coast path itinerary with section walking times, pick up points and recommended places to eat but we, being Blonde, abandoned the local knowledge and ended up on an inland adventure that was most excellent fun but did not cause us to make quicker progress.

I won’t bore you with the whole tale of Blonde mishap and mischief but there was that thing with the beautiful stiles but no signposts, that bit when B2 got rather painfully stuck on top of a farmer’s gate, that moment when both Blondes slipped inelegantly but in synchronicity through the nettles into a ditch of stagnant water, those paddocks that resembled paddy fields in their level of wetness and the very scary caravans of a thousand dogs.

In the end, we were very relieved to be able to phone John and ask him to meet us at Treen (which had a much-needed pub). We had had a marvellous day of contrasts and more laughter than I can describe, but do you know what the best thing about the day was? It was knowing that, even if we did change our minds about our planned route and even if we didn’t make it to Porth Curno, John and Helen would be there to pick us up at whatever location we needed.

Next time we will listen to the local advice more carefully but we have discovered absolutely the best way to walk the South West Coast Path. At your own pace, without huge bags or baggage transfers and with a friendly lift back to a beautiful B&B at the end of the day. Needless to say, we wanted to go back for some more the next day.

If you are thinking about walking some of the West Cornwall sections of the South West Coast Path and are wondering about accommodation, baggage transfers or even if it is possible to walk sections that will suit your ability, we thoroughly recommend that you get in touch with Helen and John at Lamorna House Walking Holidays. They have walked a lot of the South West Coast Path themselves and understand exactly what walkers need… apparently before the walkers know themselves!