By: Blonde Two

What are you up to this weekend?

If you are anywhere in or near the South West or even if you are Up Country (we have our own motorway you know) you really should be thinking about joining us at the South West Outdoor Festival.

If you are an outdoorsy type I am sure you will agree that Up North has a rather unfair proportion of outdoor festivals and events. True they have mountains up that way but in the South West we have bogs… plus…

The South West Outdoor Festival offers ‘a full weekend of outdoor adventure and entertainment‘. We have seen the program and we can confirm that there will be some very full weekends happening, especially our weekend as, as well as catching up with some very good friends (we are all so busy getting outside that we don’t manage to get together very often), we will be doing the following,

  • Representing Ordnance Survey in our role as Get Outside Champions
  • Kicking off with a talk on Friday night. 19:00 in the ‘Swallow’s Nest’
  • Enjoying a local beer (to recover from talk nerves!)
  • Eating some delicious local grub (almost certainly involving both cheese and chips)
  • Chatting to new friends and old (obviously we are not old!)
  • Running ‘introduction to map and compass navigation’ sessions on Saturday 10:00 and 16:00
  • Definitely listening to some of the excellent and inspirational speakers
  • Definitely spending a bit of time around the campfire
  • Definitely singing along to some great music
  • Maybe avoiding Mr Pig’s spooky tales because I am a wimp (although they do sound fascinating!)
  • Saying ‘hello’ to some of our fellow Ordnance Survey #getoutside Champions (you should do that too, they are all lovely!)

Our talk is going to be all about Dartmoor. We aren’t experts on Dartmoor’s history, wildlife or geology but we have got around 30 years (that’s combined) experience of leading walks, wild camping and navigating on this most beautiful of moors and, as most of that experience has been with youngsters, we do have a fair few stories to tell! There’s the one about the full moon, the one about the snake bite and the one about the ankle… You’ll have to come along if you want to find out more!

You can find out more about what is going on at the South West Outdoor Festival by downloading the SWOF Program. When you have read the program and decided that you want to come along (which you will) you can get your tickets here

Come to the South West Outdoor Festival… meet a Blonde and support your local area.

After all… we who live here and the many visitors we welcome each year all know that… SOUTH WEST IS BEST!


I live in the South West… or do I?