By: Blonde Two

Earlier this year the Two Blondes were very excited to be asked to film with Jess Pearson from Shimnix Films for the second part in her series of four ‘The Space Outside’ films. The series is women-centric (although not just women) and explores their relationship with the outdoor and with ‘adventure’ (I use the word ‘adventure’ carefully here because, as will become clear from the film, it encompasses a certain element of subjectivity). Jess released ‘Knowledge and Wisdom’ at the beginning of January 2018 and, upon watching, I feel humbled to be in such exalted (sometimes literally) company but pleased to be able to share from my experience.


As ‘Knowledge and Wisdom’ developed Jess started to think more and more about the different stages of a woman’s life and how these affected attitudes and practical approaches to the outdoors. It is these stages and women’s responses to them that touched me most about the film (maybe because I have been through a fair few) and am currently embarking on another (why are we so reluctant to talk about menopause?)

My absolute favourite ‘Knowledge and Wisdom’ woman on the film is Myrtle Simpson who doesn’t talk about her polar exploration (she was, for example, the first woman to ski across Greenland) but her 10 grandchildren and how they always say that they want to, ‘Go camping Granny.’ The other day I found the word ‘granny’ used in a rather derogatory ‘you won’t be doing this when you’re old’ way, on an outdoors blog. I am not a granny yet but, when they come along, if I don’t take my grandchildren camping, I will definitely feel that I have failed them in some way.

‘I find that to communicate with your grandchildren, get them out of the house because otherwise you will never see their face.’

Myrtle Simpson

You really should watch both episodes of The Space Outside but, as someone who has a very practical approach to the outdoors, ‘Knowledge and Wisdom’ is right up my street. Towards the end we all get very open about the practical issues pregnancy, menstruation, finding outdoor gear to fit and other womanly concerns. All things we girls should be talking more about… surely.

PS Watch this blog space for some more ‘Blondes on film’ moments… and make sure you are in front of a TV on the evening of Tuesday 30th January.