By: Blonde Two

Blondes love books

Blondes love walking

Ergo, Blondes must really love walking books. (I’ve always wanted to use the word ‘ergo’ in a blog post!)

Imagine our excitement then when a copy of Christopher Somerville’s ‘Britain’s Best Walks’ landed on our doorstep!

This is not your run of the mill walking book. It is a weighty tome which contains information about 200 different walks from all over the UK. Each page includes a map, walking instructions, useful ‘where to eat’ and ‘how to get there’ type information and an anecdote about each walk.

It is these anecdotes that take this book to the realm of ‘beyond the walking manual’. Each one is crafted using such expressive language that you either feel that you have been there or you want to go immediately. Christopher is a true story teller and his enthusiasm for his topic shines through.

I was pleased to find out that Dartmoor features twice (I obviously would have sent the book back if it hadn’t appeared at all). One walk is the classic Haytor/Hound Tor route and the other takes in Brat Tor and Bleak House (one of B1’s favourite wild camping spots).


Another walk I was pleased to spot was actually the site of my first proper teenage wild swimming experience. The Guernsey Pleinmont to Lihou Island route is a classic that everyone who visits the island should do. It goes over a causeway and is quite exciting. If you do go, as you pass Rocqaine slip, give a thought to a teenage Blonde Two making her first discoveries of how much she loved the sea.


This is a book to inspire rather than issue challenges; there are walks for every level and the tone is of enjoyment rather than physical punishment. At one point Christopher describes the after-walk moment of sitting in pub with a map on the table, contemplating his excellent day’s walking. It was when I read this that I knew the book was right up the Blonde street! You can’t buy it for us for Christmas because we already have it, but ‘Britain’s Best Walks’ would make a great pressie for anybody who loves Britain and loves walking; it is supremely clear that the author is quite fond of both!

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