By: Blonde One



Our campsite in Edale had many things to recommend it but what as not really advertised was the wildlife there. There were sheep (lots of them) within earshot, there were cows just through the hedge that provided the foreground to a stunning view up to Mam Tor and Hollins Cross, there were some lovely moths, and there were toads!

Green Moth Edale

Blonde Two is not too keen on toads and so didn’t really enjoy this aspect of our stay but I don’t mind them and tried several times to get them to pose for a photo. They were a little camera shy though!

The route from our tent to the campsite office and ablution block had two options: the longer option went through the car park and past the Visitor Centre, but the shorter route went along what we affectionately called the ‘toad road’. It was a short cut along a darker more secluded path that usually was popular amongst the toad population. I would always go along the toad road but Blonde Two preferred the longer route for obvious reasons. The toads were harmlessly sat on the path trying their best to camouflage themselves by looking like leaves or stones. You had to take care after dark on the toad road to make sure you didn’t step on them by accident: I didn’t fortunately.