By: Blonde Two

Now this is an exciting day…

For today there will be Blondes on TV!

Not just any Blondes you understand, not that Cameron Diaz, that Taylor Swift or that Reese Witherspoon, not even the more outdoorsy Ellie Harrison, Kate Humble or Clare Balding (although they might be on the same program and we don’t mind sharing).

Nope! This evening, if you tune into ITV at 7:30 pm (because pm means evening and we would hate you to miss it), you can tune into a program called ‘Britain’s 100 Favourite Walks‘ and, not only will you get to argue with the votes and shout at the TV, you will also see Blonde One and Blonde Two being filmed doing the following,

  • Walking
  • Talking
  • Walking and talking
  • Trying not to fall over while walking and talking
  • Walking to one of our favourite rocks
  • Talking to one of our favourite rocks
  • Walking with Jelly Babies
  • Talking to Jelly Babies
  • Remembering not to look at the camera
  • Forgetting not to look at the camera
  • Remembering that we are wearing microphones
  • Forgetting that we are wearing microphones (much more fun)
  • Remembering not to use ‘bad’ words
  • Forgetting not to use ‘bad’ words (also fun)
  • Remembering who was walking on the left/in front/with a hat on
  • Apologising for the (very typical) weather

You all want to know (and almost certainly have your own ideas) of course, which of the many stunning walks in Britain has been voted into first place as favourite. Snowdon maybe, or Blencathra or how about the Lairig Ghru (if you happen to have a thing about stones)? What you might also want to know (although if you need to ask, you really haven’t been paying attention) is where the Two Blondes were walking (and talking) when they were filmed (by ITV, did I mention it was ITV?)

We can’t resist giving you a clue!

And maybe another clue!

Oh go on then… just one more clue!

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