By: Blonde Two

Have you ever sat at camp and invented a new piece of camping gear? Most of us have but not many of us actually get around to properly designing and creating our ideas, let alone getting them to market. If we had, the market would be flooded with inflatable walking trousers, self-pitching tents, and heated bras (actually I think those do exist).

A wearable sleeping bag liner

Well the other day a piece of just such outdoor gear caught my eye. It was the Unightie. Invented by the intrepid Canadian adventurer Jackie Bourgaize, who loves nothing better than tackling long treks and camping in the mountains, the Unightie is a cross between your warmest nightie, and your favourite sleeping bag liner.

If you don’t have either of those yet, don’t bother, just go for a Unightie instead. As well as trying mine out on a Dartmoor solo wild camp and in the campervan, I’ve also been sleeping in it at home (under the duvet of course, we’ve been a bit stingy with the heating lately).

All in one warmth and convenience

The Unightie does all the things you wish your nightie would do (stay over your feet, keep your wrists warm, cover your neck) as well as all the things you know a sleeping bag liner can do (add warmth and protection to your sleeping bag, feel soft and snuggly, keep your shoulders warm). But it also does some other really clever things as well. Most of these are related to those annoying middle-of-the-night outside toilet calls. You can find more details here but I’ve listed my favourite features below.

  • Foot boxes to keep your feet warm, and keep the fabric around your ankles
  • A hood that doesn’t fall down
  • Thumb loops to make putting a jacket on easier
  • A warm pocket for your hands or loo roll (but perhaps not both)
  • A soft warm bamboo-based fabric
  • A hitch-up hem to allow for wet grass (and squatting!)
  • Space inside to change a bra or knickers

Chilly spring camping with the Unightie

I have to admit to enjoying my Unightie as much at home as I do at camp but it did perform really well on a recent Dartmoor wild camp. I didn’t get my usual cold spots (around my bottom, knees and feet), I didn’t get twisted up and confused like I often do with a sleeping bag liner, and I didn’t get as chilly when I had to get up in the night (far too many times!) It was also great in the campervan, and the chickens didn’t seem to mind me looking slightly odd in my new garment.

This is a new product to me that demonstrates a level of practical thinking I can really identify with. It’s also a piece of outdoor gear I’ll be taking with me on lots of this year’s adventures.  If you want to follow the story of the Unightie’s design further, or fancy trying one out for yourself, head on over to the Unightie website, it’s a fascinating place to be.