By: Blonde Two

Here is a picture for you. Another Dartmoor rock, you might think. And you would be right except that this rock may (or may not) have secretive curative powers.Whooping Rock

The Whooping Rock sits comfortably on Easdon Hill, just below the trig point. Easdon Hill is lovely even without a special rock. Near to North Bovey, it is a little self-contained piece of Dartmoor with everything you might expect to find on the wider moor; a tor, some hut circles, a wall to follow, an unclear path, a beautiful view and the wind through your Blonde hair.

Definitely worth exploring, if only to find out for yourself if the name “Whooping” refers to a cure for a nasty childhood illness or the sound that the wind makes as it passes over the rock.

When we Blondes were up there, there was no whooping of any kind. There was, however, a stunning view, some gentle winter sunshine and a pair of very happy walkers.

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