By: Blonde Two

The Two Blondes are safely back from Dartmoor once more. We had a great time with some lovely people, and were treated to the best weather that Mother Dartmoor could serve up from her winter menu.

For an entree, she offered a crisp, clear night. Not necessarily the best for night nav but excellent for wonderment at the universe. The stars, as we walked out into the dark, were at their magnificent best and had multiplied in number since the last time that I got a proper look at the night sky. We had a couple of “torch-off” moments for stellar contemplation.

As an appetiser, Mother Dartmoor gave us the kind of quick freeze that can only happen at night. The walk started wet under foot but soon, as temperatures dropped, we were walking through puddles iced with sheets of patterned crystal , carrying rucksacks that were a-sparkle with a frosty glaze.

The main course was the chill in the air. It caught at our breath and kept us moving. All good main courses need a jus, sauce or just good, simple gravy; and for us, this came in the form of a spacious tipi, a bottle of single malt and a fantastic wood burning stove. Camping luxury (although an inside bunk later was even more luxurious).Tipi Stove

We felt spoilt with so many winter menu treats, and Mother Dartmoor clearly thought we had had enough before bedtime, because she didn’t serve up the dessert until the morning. When we woke up, Princetown was covered with a layer of powdery, squeaky snow. Exactly the right kind for footprints, snowmen and experimenting with bare feet.Snow Princetown