By: Blonde One

This is one of my favourite films and I was reminded of it this weekend at Ten Tors and began to realise that there are several similarities.

It all started as Little Miss Blonde suggested that she felt like Dorothy on Thursday night as she felt that her tent was picked up by the wind and being spun round in a tornado-like windy night. After that I met with the scarecrow who thought that he didn’t have a brain: one of our team declared that he wasn’t very clever at school, only to sit down with a map and compass and help to work out routes with bearings, timings and grid references. Surely this shows a very good brain at work?! Next I met the lion who claimed to need courage: a 15 year old girl saying that she is quite ‘girlie’ and never does anything brave despite turning up for numerous training walks, camped out in minus temperatures and then proceeding to embark on a 35 mile trek across a foggy Dartmoor. I then met the tin man who thought he needed a heart: a roughty-toughty teenager who works very hard at his ‘macho’ image was visibly moved when hearing the story of his younger sister who had not made it past Tor 2 on Saturday. The Emerald City I suppose is Dartmoor itself although the fog prevented me seeing if it was emerald or not. My ruby slippers were a little covered in mud and the yellow brick road was distinctly mud coloured. There was most definitely a very liberal amount of munchkins around though!