By: Blonde One

Saturday’s training was a good day, as you’ve previously heard, for many reasons. It was a route that has been trodden by us many times, with similar people and in similar weather. But, there was one element to the day which made it unique. This element, I am sure, will not ever be repeated either. Picture the scene …

17 teenagers, 5 staff, 22 full tummies after a lovely lunch, a gentle breeze, slightly warming sun, views to make you think you are on top of the world, and Elvis! Yes, you read that right: Elvis was ‘in the building’. One of the staff had, the week before, made a promise to serenade me at lunch on top of a Tor! He was true to his word. Whilst the teenagers looked on (slightly bemused), I enjoyed a very fine, Welsh accented version of The Wonder of You. It was beautiful and surreal and very very lovely. So, if you were in the vicinity of Hexworthy or Bullpark on Saturday at about 1pm you may well have heard the dulcet tones of Welsh Elvis.

The moral of this story is: be very careful what promises you make after a few whiskeys!