By: Blonde Two

Bowerman’s Nose is one of those iconic Dartmoor landmarks that everybody knows about and loves; and indeed, he is rather lovable. Standing atop Hayne Down at 6.6 metres high, he is even taller than Six-Foot-Blonde but I suspect just as friendly!

Bowerman 3

Not-At-All-Blonde and I set out on Monday to formally introduce ourselves to Mr Bowerman (a hunter in a former, less rocky life). I had walked and driven along his lane often but never previously been polite enough to go and visit him. He was as impressive as I expected, and although he didn’t respond verbally to our greetings, he was warm to the touch (probably because of blushing brought on by our compliments) and seemed pleased to see us.

Bowerman 4

We took approximately a million photos, from all kinds of odd angles. Mr Bowerman took all of this paparazzi style attention in his stride (not that he was striding anywhere) and was gentleman enough to turn his head when I needed a wee. We didn’t mention the HOUNDS! He has lost them, you know and they are a sensitive subject; but we think we may have found one of them.

Bowerman 6