By: Blonde Two

Yesterday afternoon, things went a little bit wrong for this Blonde.  Both Blondes have been working very long days since they went back to work (let me hear sighs of sympathy here!) it is all a bit of a shock and it is hard to believe that I still wasn’t back in the country this time last week.  Anyway, after leaving work late I drove home only to find that I had left my house key on my desk and couldn’t get into the house.

Ordinarily, this sort of Blondness would have thrown me into a pool of frustration but this time, I think I was too tired to stamp and strop and plonked myself down on the bench in the front garden.  I knew that Mr B2 would turn up on his bike sooner or later so I just sat.

As it turned out, this was exactly what I needed to do.  There was no-one talking at me and there was some lovely fresh air on my face.  Instead of charging inside to start making tea, I got a bit of unexpected “me-time” and recharged my batteries a bit.

The “things going wrong” phenomena is interesting.  I don’t like to refer to this too often (although certain other people do) – but I do have a tendency to get lost.  I have stopped worrying about it now as I am also quite good at finding myself again.  One thing I have noticed when out on Dartmoor, is that getting lost often means that you find exciting new things.  Maybe a great picnic spot, a rapid in a river (without stepping stones of course) or an interesting coloured sheep – ok now I sound a bit mad but you know what I mean.  The trick, of course, is to work out where you are when you find the new thing so that you can go back and visit it again (for some reason, this doesn’t work with sheep).

Things don’t always go to plan in life – it would be boring if they did.  Sometimes even big bad things can ultimately have pretty cool results.  My best example of this is breaking my ankle out on the moors four years ago.  Obviously, it was a horrid and painful thing but Blonde One was the one who held my hand that day and, although we already knew each other a bit, I think our friendship began properly then … either that or she was just after my Jelly Babies!