By: Blonde One

You may not be aware that there was ever a question but the Two Blondes are often wondering how on earth we can possibly sustain the number of expeditions that we would like to run! Every year, despite saying that we can’t possibly manage another year like that, we seem to take on yet more expeditions. I don’t envisage seeing much of my house or family until 2018 at the earliest. It used to be the case that we were busy between December and May. This has steadily increased as one season now blends into another. Our first trip out this year is in a few weeks time and preparations are well under way. It promises to be a fantastic year full of fresh air, jelly babies and successes. I’m hoping that we have found the key to making these expeditions run smoothly despite their quantity: young people. It seems obvious that whilst we are surrounded by youngsters that are enthusiastic about the outdoors we might as well make use of them and get them involved in the planning and preparation as well as the participation. I have just attended an excellent training course run by Sports Leaders and am now very excited to be able to offer our finest kids the chance to achieve a qualification in leading groups. The aim is to train them up so that they can eventually run some of the lowland, shorter expeditions. This seems to be a win/win situation. The kids get a highly valued award, the Two Blondes get some much needed assistance and the participants get some brilliant role models helping them. Sorted! Why didn’t we think of it before?!