By: Blonde Two

Outdoor duvets? Blankets?

Don’t be silly, I’m a sleeping bag girl!

Or at least I thought I was but recently I’ve been trying out a few alternatives (and complements) to my lovely down sleeping bags. If you haven’t met Big Orange (my sleeping bag) yet, here he is! We’re very fond of each other, and have been on lots of adventures.

Some people prefer duvets to sleeping bags

Sleeping bags are great for all round warmth, packability, and convenience when you’re camping but when I’m snuggled up like a caterpillar in my tent or bivvy bag, there are a few things I miss about my duvet.

  1. Being able to wriggle
  2. Being able to get out quickly
  3. Having more sleep position options
  4. Being able to cuddle

Not all duvets work outdoors

If you’ve ever tried camping with your duvet from home however, you’ll know they aren’t always a workable option when it comes to outdoor life. Sure, they’re warm and comforting but unless they’re outdoor duvets, they can present a few problems.

  1. They can get damp
  2. They take ages to dry
  3. You need a vehicle to carry one
  4. They can leave you cold underneath
  5. Camping can be a grubby activity

So are outdoor duvets the solution?

You’d be surprised how many times people have told me they prefer a duvet to a sleeping bag when they’re camping. I usually disagree but a few recent longer trips in our campervan have left me feeling in need of a bit more wriggle-room (and of course, the occasional cuddle).

Two very different outdoor duvets

Never let it be said that we Blondes don’t pull out all the stops to bring you latest in outdoor alternatives and innovations.

It was really hard work trying out and reviewing these two very different but really interesting outdoor duvets.

I haven’t put so much effort in since I celebrated my 50th birthday with 50 outdoor sleeps!!

Below are our reviews of the Alpkit Cloud Cover and the Fine Bedding Company Night Owl Outdoor Duvet.

Never has an outdoor product reviewer been more cosy!!


Gear review – the Alpkit Cloud Cover


What is it? A hydrophobic goose down quilt

What’s it like? This is a super lightweight duvet that can be fastened with poppers into a sleeping bag shape.

What did you love about it? The weight and pack size. If geese are really that light, it’s no wonder they can fly so far. Also the warmth, which kind of creeps up on you, then stays. The Cloud Cover is honestly so light, you don’t notice it’s on top of you.

How did you try it out? At a bunkhouse (windows all open because of Covid) and in the campervan as an additional duvet. Mr B2 has taken it bike packing. It’s very warm!

Mr B2 also uses the Cloud Cover to save on heating in his home office. Which is good because I brought it as a present for him, and I like it enough to steal it! Often!!

What else might you use it for? Winter wild camping, as an extra layer over my sleeping bag. The fantastic pack size (into its own pocket) means I could easily fit it in my rucksack.

Anything you didn’t like? The toggles. Whilst they’re very useful for fastening this outdoor quilt around me, they do have a habit of being just where I’m trying to lie.

What else do we need to know? The hydrophobic down and outer means it will cope with condensation. The Cloud Cover’s down is ethically sourced to the RDS Responsible Down Standard. This one’s washable and can (should) be dried in a tumble drier.

Also – that’s the first time I’ve seen the words, ‘Be more careful next time’ on a care label! Nice one Alpkit!


Gear Review – the Fine Bedding Company Night Owl Outdoor Duvet

We Blondes were sent our Night Owl Outdoor Duvets free of charge in exchange for an honest review. We’re definitely not going to be sending them back. As you can see, Buster the dog is pretty impressed with them too!

What is it? A fleece-lined, outdoor quilt.

What’s it like? Super soft on the fleecy inside. The outside feels tough and I wouldn’t be worried about it getting damp. Big enough to wrap myself in.

What did you love about it? The super-soft pile on the fleecy side. It’s deep enough to wriggle my fingers and toes into. Something that’s especially nice after a chilly outdoor swim. It’s an outdoor duvet that makes me want to sleep as soon as I get under it.

How did you try it out? In the house on chilly evenings but also watching stars in the garden, in the campervan, and at a bunkhouse. It’s hard to resist, and has currently taken up residence on our sofa!

What else might you use it for? What we Blondes call ‘car camping’. It would be great in a big tent in summer as a sleeping bag alternative, or as an extra layer on colder nights. It’s also big enough to wrap around me in a camp chair.

Anything you didn’t like?  The Night Owl Outdoor Duvet has a relatively large pack size. Definitely too big for my rucksack, which is a shame because all that cosy fleece would really enhance my small tent experience!

What else do we need to know? This one’s hypoallergenic if feathers are a problem. It can be machine washed and tumble dried. The filling is made from recycled PET bottles. I imagine it would dry really quickly if it did get damp.


Staying warm when you’re outside

So there we have it. Whichever type of camping you prefer, there are plenty of tips for staying warm outside. Outdoor duvets are relatively new to us but we can confirm that they’re a very welcome addition to the Blonde expedition stores.

If you try one out, do let us know how you get on!!!


Information: B2 bought the Cloud Cover from Alpkit but our Night Owl Outdoor Duvets were sent for review from The Fine Bedding Company (we are very pleased with all of them). 


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