By: Blonde Two

As you can imagine, the Blonde calendar is a busy place, particularly at this time of year. We start planning over a year in advance and despite this are often having to say ‘sorry but no’ to things we would really like to do. This June is no exception but unfortunately Blonde One has found her self down a Blonde because I have been a tad medically incapacitated (this is not the same thing as medically decapitated!)

This month I will be mostly missing:

2 DofE expeditions (a great disappointment but good because having to miss them made me realise how much I still enjoy doing them).

1 navigation workshop (our first this year and again I am disappointmented, the others have been such great fun).

8 training swims (my estimation of 2 per week, with a month off swimming any distance whilst I was in Norway and another off recuperating this could make training for the Dart 10K in September a tad interesting).

90 dips in the sea with friends (this is a double whammy because I miss both the sea and the friendly swim-banter).

3 trips up to swim in the River Dart (another estimate but the Dart in summer is a lovely place and I can’t wait to go again).

1 Dartmoor wild camp (not yet planned but there was bound to come a Blonde ‘let’s stay out all night’ moment)!

1 Dartmoor bivvy (again not yet planned but with so much time outside whilst I was in Norway I am sure Mr B2 and I would have been heading for the hills).

My gall bladder (although to be honest that had become more than a bit of a pain in the upper abdominal region!)

You will be pleased to note that I do not have a picture of my gall bladder. Just as well because I have seen pictures of other people’s!

Don’t worry I’m not feeling sorry for myself and am still holding true to the Ordnance Survey Champion ‘Get Outside’ mantra. I am indulging in a bit of late seed sowing in the greenhouse, planning some great Blonde adventures for the rest of the summer, can still do the day job (Fi Darby Freelance) and currently have the perfect excuse for afternoon naps in the sun. It is amazing how much fun you can have watching the washing drying on the line!